Exclusive Phone Interview with Edna in Paris!

Apolline: Hi Edna, this is Apolline Katoka, senior fashion designer and writer for the International Globe & Post.  I won’t take much of your time. Our readers would like to know more about what you are doing. Can I ask you a few questions on your new venture “Edna Says…”?

Edna: Hello Apolline, what a lovely name, please ask away…… forgive me if I become a chatty Cathy, I really love what I do.

Apolline: What was the reason you created “Edna Says…”?

Edna: I felt horrible, when I saw amazing restaurants being forced closed, resorting to delivery service and curbside pick-up. I realized it wouldn’t last. Sadly, people will stop paying for great food, shoved into a box, driven across the city, taken out of the box to reheat and then plate it. This was when I had my Eureka moment!

Apolline: What is different between your product and others?

Edna: Aside from me being fabulous and at the helm? I am joking. Seriously, we make amazing tasting food look great; from frozen to the table – at a very fair price.. We are not selling your typical TV dinner here. Look, it is about being fabulous while making it look easy; it is real, alive and wonderful… “Edna Says…” is AMAZING while the competitors are sadly compared to the colour beige.

Apolline: Who are you?

Edna: Who am I? I am Edna! I was the first octogenarian woman in space, first woman to wear en vouge coloured beads while mowing the lawn, I invented the word “FABULOUS”.

Apolline: It must be difficult to be inspired all the time. What brings you joy?

Edna: Joy comes from constraints, the world pushes us all and it is how we stand that makes a difference. It is that push that brings me joy oh and also buying new cloths.

Apolline: What does your family think about your exploits?

Edna: At first they were angry, they asked, “what are you doing? Didn’t you work enough, is it not time to retire to….. relax?” I responded: “you have to be kidding, do you think I got to be this amazing sitting on my toosh?”

Listen, I have to go, I am in Paris for the night but off to Monaco to have dinner with Prince Albert. 

Please don’t worry, my sister Blanche will be around to show you how to prepare these great meals.


Apolline: Edna, I want to thank you from all our excited readers who are looking forward to your exploits and meeting your sister Blanche. All the best!